TRANSPORT STROY LTD. has been established in 1994 and has focused on the manufacture of concrete solutions and construction mortars. Lately it has successfully developed the manufacture of reinforced concrete construction elements and items made of concrete.

Since July 28, 2003 the Company is operating under certificate # 8261 awarded by Transpecific Certifications Limited for the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

    Since December 27, 2002 the Company has a certificate for its process of manufacture, issued under # 02005 by SGS Bulgaria according to the Ordinance on the Fundamental Requirements and Assessment of the Conformity of the Construction Products comprising class B12.5 to B60 concretes. Expanding of the product range is pending with the award of the Certificate of Compliance.

    In January 2006 has been renewed the manufacturing certificate issued by the Scientific Research Institute of Construction Materials, Sofia.

    TRANSPORT STROY LTD. has a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 registered and audited by SGS-Bulgaria.

   TRANSPORT STROY LTD. operates under an Operating Control System certified by SGS-Bulgaria according to the standards BDS EN 206-1:2002 and BDS 7268-83.

     The production capacity comprises two concrete centres, located in Gara Iskar and Malashevtsi regions. The concrete centre in the ‘Iskar-South’ New Industrial Zone is equipped with two hi-tech installations of a total hour capacity of 180 m3 of concrete. Their modern equipment is fully automated and computer-assisted, a fact that minimizes the subjective factor and guarantees the compliance of the manufactured concrete solutions and construction mortars with the software recipes regarding their quality and quantity.

   The concrete centres are equipped with installation for heating aggregates and technologic water, which allows the manufacture of concrete even at temperatures below -10 oC, and the more than 80 different recipes entered in the software make it possible to accomplish with precision even the most responsible and individualized orders of our clients at a 24-hour operation seven days a week.

   A new concrete centre shall be erected in 2006 in the western part of Sofia with capacity of 100 m3/hour.

   Our vehicle fleet comprises 30 concrete mixers of 7.0 to 9.0 m3, as well as with 5 concrete pumps of three 36.0 m, 38.0 m, two 42.0 m and 52+2 m boom. The company has a modern Spider type concrete distributor for laying concrete in high-rise buildings.

   The concrete solutions control regarding the strength indices, water impermeability, frost-resistance etc. is performed on a daily basis. Samples of these solutions, taken according to the national standards, are tested in the Accredited Laboratory for Materials Testing with the Central Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Mechanics with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences that remits to us officially certified reports for the results obtained. TRANSPORT STROY LTD. is entitled to use the sign Co and issues to its clients a Certificate of Compliance for the products supplied.

   For its high-robust concretes the company uses cement CEM I - 42.5 R of Holcim-Bulgaria, as well as rock fraction from the Delian and Studena stone-pits.

   The chemical additives intended to improve the quality of the concrete mixture, such as plastifiers, retardants, accelerators or antifreeze components that we use are manufactured by UNIMAT-TECOM and SIKA-Bulgaria.

   The above stated is only part of the reasons that make the company establish itself each time more successfully on the market and to share the lasting business partnership of many distinct construction entrepreneurs. In this relationship we are full and respected member of the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Chamber and the Bulgarian Building and Construction Chamber.

   Apart of the multiple house and office buildings constructed with the participation of our company, TRANSPORT STROY LTD. is exclusive supplier of concrete for many investment projects, such as the Sofia Airport terminal, Tokuda Hospital Sofia, Yuzhen Park Shopping Centre, Sofia Metropolitan, Golf Field Sofia, Business Park ARENA Cinema, Bridge over the Iskar River of the runway system of Sofia Airport, 8 and 9 Metro Stations of the Sofia Metropolitan, etc..




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